How to Avoid Getting Cheated by Him?

Hi, I am Linda and today I am going to share some tips that you can use to reduce your chances of getting cheated by men.

Before starting, I would like to ask you two important questions

Do you want to avoid getting cheated by your boyfriend?

Are you looking for ways to reduce the chances of being cheated on?

infidelityIt is possible to reduce the chances of being cheated on but, if your boyfriend is cheated by heart then no one can stop him from cheating on you. I know it is very harsh for you but it is important to understand if your boyfriend is not loyal with your relationship then no matter what you do he is surely leave you for new girl. But, for decent guys it is difficult for them to break their relationship once they found their ‘girlfriend-material’ girl.

You may heard “all men cheat” from different women who suffered from breakup with their boyfriend. Men often give up very quickly when their needs are not met in the relationship. When men feel their needs are not FULFILLED by his girlfriend they break their relationship in just blink of an eye and start dating with new girl. But once they find great women, they create great relationship and remain committed throughout their life.

Now, you may be wondering how to find great guy that will remain committed in the relationship?

Tips that I am going to share will not only help your man to remain committed but also help you to strengthen your relationship. With these tips your man will remain committed in your relationship and never even think about leaving you.

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Tip #1: Choose Perfect Man:

When choosing man, make sure you select person that have good character and has respect for women. Guys that think life’s rule don’t apply to them are not the smart choice and often break the relationship.

Before saying YES to man, make sure you test him multiple times because if you make wrong choice in selecting Mr. Perfect then you will be only on receiving side. Don’t look for bank-balance instead look for his character. Many women often make mistakes when selecting boyfriend and later they complaint ‘all men cheat’.

If you select great man then he will not only remain committed in the relationship but also worships you. Always remember a great person is never determined by how big bank-account he has, instead it is determined by a good character.

Tip #2: Don’t show you want Romantic Relationship:

romantic relationshipMen don’t like to bind themselves into romantic relationship and if any woman pressures them then they either give in or leave out. In both the cases the relationship is at weak stage and even one miscommunication can destroy the relationship.

It is very important for woman to don’t force her boyfriend for the romantic relationship that quickly. Give her boyfriend full time and in between this time test his character to find his views about romantic relationship.

Most of the time man gives in to the woman’s pressure for the relationship because he does not want to lose her girlfriend to another man. But why to make your man thinks he will lose you if he will not create romantic relationship with you? Never pressure your man for the relationship, wait for few days and he will ask for the relationship. If you hurry for the relationship then it will weaken your relationship.

Tip #3: Appreciate Him:

romanceAppreciation is the thing that every man wants in the relationship from his girlfriend even more than sex. Yes, man likes his girlfriend to respect him, appreciate him for all the things that he does. But, if woman keep nagging her boyfriend and try to control the relationship then he will sooner start looking for the new girl that appreciates him.

Man like to control their relationship and when he starts feeling his needs are not meet and he can’t able to control the relationship then he don’t feel like man in the relationship and look for new girl to start all things from beginning.

Tip #4: Give Him Freedom:

Don’t build your relationship on the cost of your man independence. Your boyfriend has his life outside the relationship and he never wants anyone to put him into cage. Man biologically wants freedom and that’s the main reason they never want relationship that quickly.

Allow full time to your boyfriend to spend his time with his old friends and don’t force him to call you every hour. It is also very important for you to build your own life outside your boyfriend as well and develop new interest also. Girl with new passion and hobbies will always seem attractive to every man.

Tip #5: Show Him Love:

Men and women are completely different and their needs in the relationship are also different. Women wants her boyfriend to love him and remain committed with her but man on other hand wants his girlfriend to love him and appreciate him for anything that he does.

love quoteBut, that’s not all about men and women. Women expect her boyfriend to show love by gifting her ring, necklace or box of chocolates. And man wants her girlfriend to show love with sex. For men a relationship without sex is like relationship without love.

If man starts feeling lack of sex in relationship then automatically his interest in the relationship start disappearing and he starts looking for new girl that show her love towards him.

If you don’t want your relationship to end cause of infidelity, you need to keep your busy life on one side and connect with your boyfriend on a physical level.


Following these five tips will reduce your chances for getting cheated but even after following these five tips you get cheated then don’t think it is your fault, it is not your fault. Some guys are jerk they think life’s rules never apply to them and for this stupid reason they continue breaking women heart. It is better to not deal with them and search for the “Mr. Perfect” that has good character and respect for ladies.

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